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Kingdom Manna - Food Pantry

Kingdom Manna

FINAO Inc's food pantry Kingdom Manna has served Racine and its surrounding communities for over 10 years. Each week, KM gives out over 3000lbs of food. That is enough to feed over 400 families a week. KM has not only served local,
but it has helped communities in other states and countries as far as Belize and Mexico. By partnering with Festival Foods, Kwik Trip, GFS, the police department and local recreational centers, KM has been able to increase the homes that are being served by KM.

How Do I Register?

In order to participate in our Kingdom Manna, please take a moment to sign the following forms:

In order for you to sign up for a time slot, the above forms MUST be completed!

*Any participation means you’re in agreement for photos to be used online and publication*

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