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Our Women in Need (WIN) program is a group designed to
help empower women in all areas of their life, mind, body and soul. Throughout the year, WIN hosts a number of functions that educate women on self-care, education, life choices, and information on work life balance. WIN also provides one on one sessions that offers training
in portfolio making, job search, interviewing, and resume building. This program is available for women 19 and older.

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Our Men in Need program is designed to connect men to
resources that can help them not just temporary, but to help them make life changes for the good of themselves and their homes. We connect through two luncheons a
year with follow up one on one sessions that help them create job resumes, getting connected with work within the trades industry, and connecting to other young men in our community to help them make better life choices. Thisprogram is available to men 18 & up.

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