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Helping Hands

C.O.B.Y.- FINAO Youth
Community Outreach Building Youth 

The COBY project is designed to encourage our youth to get motivated and strive for success.

COBY has programs for all age groups:​

Kidz Klub: Grads 3-5

Just Kickin' It: Grades 6-8 (Girls)

Just Chillin': Grades 6-8 (Boys)

Teens n Touch: High School Teens

Each of these age groups offer group and one on one sessions that discuss:

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After School Eats

In the city of Racine, there are neighborhoods with 68% of the children under the age of 18 that are below the poverty level and rely on meals from school to eat. The After School Eats program serves over 200 children a week with sacks filled with snacks, quick meals and nutritional literature to help them understand why it's good to eat healthy. This program has served the Racine community over 4 years and continues to do so with the help
of local recreational centers and community cop houses as pick up

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Abilities Inside ME

FINAO recognizes the hard work that a lot of our city's young people put in in order to be the best student they can be. With our scholarship program, we challenge the students to reach deep and show their capabilities and honor them with different available scholarships that we offer:

  • Money toward laptops

  • Money toward books

  • School clothes

  • School Supplies

  • Spring Break Trip

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Book Club

FINAO Book Club if a fun incentive to get kids reading. The club offers tokens to any children who come with a book report that they have written from a book that is read to them either by a parent or
themselves. The children can turn in their tokens or save them up for prizes that are available. Also, there are parent participation cards that parents fill out to show how they have contributed to their child's learning that week. The club offers incentives to parents as well, encouraging them to stay involved.

Effective 11/1/2022 we are asking that all participants of book club register their families. Thank You

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Parent Support Card

Parent Support Cards are a form parents fill out and turn in once a month to show all the ways they support their child in school.(academically, emotionally, extracurricular, etc). Each month a parent turns in this form they qualify to receive household products as a way of supporting them as they support their students!

You must register and participate in the Book Club in order to participate in the Parent Support Card Program. (Please see above)

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